CPD Pre-events

For all practicing mediators, especially newly qualified and mediation Students

Developing your skills

Part 1 Developing your practice
We understand that you will have your own questions so we have planned to cover these as part of our support.  You may be wondering how to apply for your CIARB membership, have concerns over suitability of mediation requests you have received or mediations you’ve done that you’d like to explore and learn from with your peers, whatever it is we will collect the questions and do our best to answer them.

Part 2 – Developing your skills – principle based negotiation
This session is aimed at refreshing your understanding of principle based negotiation and how to apply that in a variety of settings.Crucial to building your mediation practice is keeping your skills up to date and practising with peers.  This session is aimed at just that using your own examples where we can and using your negotiation skills we will look at how you ‘sell’ mediation to potential clients.  Understanding the breadth of use and how to encourage its use is possibly the most challenging element for all involved in mediation – we will share with you our experience and learning and together look at how you can build your practice.  

28th February 2019 : 1330-1600

Please contact michelle@theresolutioncentre.com to book your place